WinRAR 4.2 – Lifetime Licenses Giveaway

WinRAR is one of the best compression utilizes which supports many formats when decompressing and can compress to RAR and ZIP. WinRAR comes with good features to decompress and compress from the context menu. Compression seems to be low than others. WinRAR is real easy to use and be the best you used, with letting you compress and decompress through context menu and through interface.



Installation is quick you’ll come up with a choice of where you installing WinRAR and if you agree with license agreement click on install. WinRAR will start up if you will want context menu icons and if you want it to show in start menu and desktop after that you will come with trial info or entering your license.



WinRAR interface is easy to use interface when opening interface. You get the options to add which lets you add files which gives you more advanced settings than when using context menu. You can set parameters to how it compresses the file and if to delete files after archiving, setting password to that specific archive and setting up the way it compresses file. The extract to gives you option to where to extract a specific location. You get advanced settings with the way it extracts files and if files are there if to ask for overwrite and what to do with broken files.


The test lets you test the archive for errors to make sure the archive was done well when compression or not. The view lets you view the archive and delete lets you delete file or archive. You can search for files or archive or start the wizard which will guide you through prompts if you want to unpack, create or add files to an archive.


WinRAR gives you good options if you selected to have it shown on the context menu. When selecting files to archive you have four options, add to archive, add them to folder name, compress and email, compress to name of folder and email. This options are great and easy to use when you want to use default settings when using the second or fourth option when adding to folder name the first and third option gives you the option to select archive name and settings from above. When extracting one archive you get extract files which gives you options from above and lets you select how to extract, you also get extract here and to extract to name of archive. If extracting many archive, WinRAR gives you a great feature in letting you extract each archive to separate folders which can come in handy when having many you want to extract but don’t want to do one by one. If an archive is broken you can repair it and if it is possible you’ll get a rebuilt archive.

WinRAR has a very good support on many formats including most used, it supports RAR and ZIP archives and can “unpack CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z archives.” WinRAR offers you encryption letting you encrypt with a key of 128 bits which helps you protect an archive if sending through online. The settings on WinRAR are extensive and lets you configure how WinRAR compresses, runs, etc. You’ll get various tabs with each its various options you can set. You can have WinRAR set to low priority or run in multithreading, have sound play when finished and start up with windows are some on the general tab. In compression tab, gives you options of default folder, volume size list and profiles, while paths is where temporary files and start up folder. When checking file list, you can set how you see the list from type and style, set up the way it shows files, and the selection. The viewer gives you the option to change the view type, internal viewer, and modifications. Security is where you will set up the way it handles, if you want to prohibit certain file times from extracting, wipe temporary files, and miscellaneous. The integration is where you’ll set up the way it associates with your system, and how it integrates to shell and context menu.


WinRAR has some options to customize WinRAR to your liking from how you see the files, if to show more ways to maneuver when using the interface and you can also go to site and download themes for WinRAR. WinRAR has many themes you can choose from and easily add it to WinRAR so if you like customizing programs, WinRAR gives you that option.


Thoughts and Conclusion

            WinRAR is one of the best compression utilities which brings good compatibility and support of many formats. WinRAR has a very good integration to system if you have it integrate, you can easily compress and decompress without having to use an interface. Has very good context menu options which really come in handy and you’ll come to use when dealing with compressed files. You can check more at


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