True Image 2013 by Acronis – Lifetime licenses Giveaway

Acronis True Image 2013 is a well featured backup software with many ways to backup and keep your files protected from any disasters that could happen.

So having a backup is great and using a software like True Image will help and having an external backup program is real helpful due to if you used Windows 7 backup, it all changed in Windows 8 so recovering from the backup got more challenging. Has support for all current OS from XP, Vista, 7 and 8 plus home server.



Installation is in four easy steps from confirming install, install, and activate 30 day trial or full license, and Acronis True Image 2013 starts up with a very intuitive interface.



Acronis True Image 2013 has a very intuitive and easy to use interface which you can easily set up your backups, recover data from backups or using utilities True Image 2013 offers.

When starting up Acronis True Image 2013, you start up on Get Started tab where you can initiate a Backup, recover data, or back up to the cloud which is a new addition to True Image 2013.


The next tab is the Backup and recovery, where you’ll see your backups or create backups. You can create a Disk and partition backup which brings up another options where you can select source which source would be if partition mode or disk mode, were you’ll select what you want to backup, the destination of the backup, if you want to schedule, the backup scheme which you can choose from incremental, single version, version chain, differential or custom, and the backup name.

After you have set up the backup process you can have it backup immediately or 1,2,4,6 hrs. or later. Backups will take long depending on how much information you have on your hard drive as on mine on a 583 GB out of 693 GB came out to 7 hrs. but each their time as all is not same. Each backup time will depend and first backup should be done when you are not doing anything so leaving it doing at night would be good, if it is being backed up on a schedule, incremental backups or continues will go quicker from first backup.


The other backups include online backup which if you have set up the Acronis Cloud which depends on the space you have subscribed to, you are easily able to set up to back up to that destination which size starts at 250 GB and subscription starts at $4.95 per month which first month is free.

The last three forms of backup is the File backup where you could backup specific files if in case you want those files/folders backed up more constantly, email backup which can back up your outlook emails and contacts, and a non-stop backup which is for a more constant backup. You then have option to create a bootable media which would help to keep for emergencies if no access to OS.


Recovery depending on the type of backup you did, you’re able to easily recover from what you need with simple options you’re able to select the recovery partition or files and recover them. For file backup you can go and see what files you’re able to recover and only recover those if in case you don’t want to recover all. There’s also an option where if in case you moved the backup to another drive or have many which you can browse for backup if need to recover from that backup.

Acronis supports many devices from smartphones, tablets, and pcs which you can use the synchronization which will keep your devices sync and would be used with its cloud storage. It is easy to set up on your devices giving you a way to back up files from your smarthphones, tablets to PC while being able to also view them and be able to view files on PC on the smarthphones and tables.

Acronis True Image 2013 has some very useful tools and utilities which comes useful at certain times. The first of the tools is a Try & Decide where you can perform any unsafe operation letting you decide if you want to apply the operation or revert it, great to use if you are uncertain of what will happen.

The next tool is the Clone Disk, which will let you clone your hard drive complete to another disk which is very useful when moving from one to another without losing any OS, settings, and files. Acronis True Image lets you easily know what you need to do and what is being cloned which gives you more assurance of what’s going on. There’s no loss of files which makes this a good option.


Acronis True Image 2013 has some tools which helps protect you from disasters.            The first protection tool is the Rescue media builder were you’ll create a bootable media where you can recover if your computer becomes unbootable. The second tool is the Acronis startup recover manager where if windows becomes unstably you can recover your data or whole system wen pressing F11. The last of the protection tools is the Acronis Secure Zone which will create a special secure partition for storing backups on your disk without a need for external drive if in case you need a double backup on your drive or don’t have a drive when you move your computer.

The next set is the security and privacy which will help when cleaning your computer which will give you access to a system clean-up, which will clean up all traces and wipes hard disk space. The next one is Acronis DriveCleaner which will permanently destroy all data on old partitions or the whole disks. Also if you need specific files to be completely erased without any trace Acronis gives you the File Shredder which should guarantee no traces of the file is left on the computer.


Acronis True Image 2013 gives you ways of backing up settings and managing the disk. You are easily able to transfer settings from your Acronis to another computer. The disk management lets you create partitions on a new hard disk drive and lets you extend capacity with the Acronis Extended Capacity manager which supports more than 2 TB.

Acronis True Image 2013 lets you convert the backups to a Windows backup and vice versa so if you created a windows backup and you moved to windows 8 you can convert it to Acronis and be able to restore from backup. Acronis True Image 2013 also lets you mount images with its Image mounting tool, which can come in handy when no drive on a computer or don’t have disk to burn the images.

Thoughts & Conclusion

Acronis True Image 2013 is a well featured backup software with many ways to backup and keep your files protected from any disasters that could happen. Using Acronis comes in handy to have as you never know what can come and if you have important information, having a backup is good to have. Due to Windows 8 changing formats from Windows backup, Acronis True Image 2013 will help with its backup conversion, plus includes a way to clone a disk to another disk making a recovering to old OS easier.


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