Knowledge NoteBook Boosts Your Learning

Here’s what it will do for YOU: HUGE Time-Saving because it automatically organizes your notes. Boost Learning & Get Better Grades because it has superlative study tools.

Automatic organization of lecture notes / class notes / all sorts of notes…Easy access to notes, help in finding specific note content. Easy notes retrieval and review. Enhances comprehension and learning while keeping notes all in one place .

Knowledge NoteBook boosts learning. It has numerous note-taking, studying, comprehension tools to help a student do better in his schoolwork. It is very easy to understand and will make comprehension of the material one is learning come more quickly.

There is even a place where a student can test himself and it will tell him based on the mini-test if he’s ready for the test or not. Additionally, Knowledge Notebook takes note organization and research to another level.

Download Knowledge NoteBook here

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