Kaspersky PURE 2.0 Total Security Giveaway

Kaspersky PURE 2.0 Total Security Giveaway. Ultimate PC Protection – Kaspersky PURE 2.0 Total Security delivers the ultimate PC protection for your home, combining everything you need to ensure the security of your PCs, identity, passwords, photos and more.

Plus, it’s simple to use, allowing you to easily manage the security of every PC in your home from a single PC.

Best PC protection EVER!

Key Features

  • Award-winning protection against all Internet threats
  • Innovative Hybrid Protection, combining the power of the cloud and your PC
  • Unique Easy, central security management of multiple PCs from a single PC
  • Advanced Password vault defends against identity theft*
  • Award-winning parental controls keep your kids safe online
  • Scheduled backup protects your photos, music, and financial data
  • Encrypted vaults securely store valuable files
  • Best-in-class firewall blocks hacker attacks


Rules: complete the entry methods below to enter:

  • Subscribe to our free mailing list  (remember to click the activation link or the subscription will not be valid)
  • Leave a comment below. Insert a valid email address, will be used to contact the winner(s)

Prize: 1 x  Kaspersky PURE 2.0 Total Security – 3PCs

Giveaway duration: 10 days

Winners selection: random.org



444 Responses to “Kaspersky PURE 2.0 Total Security Giveaway”

  1. blu hart says:

    This is a graea giveaway. I love kaspersky pure. it`s a complete security.

  2. nattawut says:

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  3. SB says:

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  4. Askanag says:

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  5. TechStyle says:

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  6. luis donis says:

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  8. Juan says:

    I’ve been using Kaspersky Antivirus time and I think one of the best antivirus there, if not the best. I love to have and use the Kaspersky Pure Total Security 2.0, to see if I get lucky Temgo license this wonderful program.
    A greeting.

  9. bosse says:

    Excellent protection!

  10. RDC says:

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  11. Shazz says:

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  12. chad says:

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  13. dandy says:

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  14. Paul says:

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  15. ojan says:

    Kaspersky Pure 2.0 offers a great protection and i really want to have this one..tnx!

  16. Uself1972 says:

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  17. abeon says:

    Kaspersky is really good at protecting PCs. Count me in. 🙂

  18. MUKUNDA says:

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  19. stolp skott says:

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  20. Nicola says:

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  21. Manide says:

    Finally… a new Kaspersky giveaway. That one which I’ll win!

  22. soundtwo says:

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  23. adherent says:

    Thank You.I would give it a try.

  24. Dart Raiden says:

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  25. tr4 says:

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  26. Ahmed says:

    This is great my trial is about to expire, thanks.

  27. djelad says:

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  28. Rui says:

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  29. Johan peterson says:

    Thank you. I would like to have Kaspersky Pure. Great protection for the PC.

  30. dinosaur07 says:

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  31. Xu says:

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  32. karaca says:

    I entered many giveaways,but i couldn’t win any of them up to now.This is really a fantastic giveaway Hope i win…wish me good luck.THANKS

  33. Doctor Gerry says:

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  34. evgenija says:

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  35. abdelghani says:

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  36. Ghosst My says:

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  37. kusa says:

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  51. Chicco says:

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  52. karthik says:

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  53. KaushikM12 says:

    Many many thanks and hugs for this awesome Giveaway 😀 Nice review too 😉 Kaspersky Pure 2.0 total security is the best ever security suite in this world I have ever encountered. Its a world-class product and I like this security tool very very much and would certainly love to have a personal Genuine key. So, Plz plz plz atleast this time count me in the draw. I urgently need one License as my previous antivirus License is about to expire and I am prone to online threats if U don’t help me. I wish that this time atleast I will win this Giveaway my best wishes is always with Appfound. 😉 May God Bless AppFound 🙂 ! Best Regards !

  54. John says:

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  55. Biswanath says:

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  56. Doan Van Lam says:

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  57. michał w says:

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  59. Bryan says:

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  62. Nathan says:

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  63. bosse says:

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  64. Asriel Rusdyawan Allolinggi says:

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  65. DaTaRebell says:

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  66. Rafi Mahmud says:

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  67. Paultx says:

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  72. Werdst says:

    Products of this vendor take myself and my friends. At no time in many years, there were no problems with protection from malicious programs. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in this action. I hope I’m lucky.

  73. Smitty says:

    Kaspersky is the best. I’d love to have this as my frontline defence. Please count me in. Thank you.

  74. legaz says:

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  84. jerzy6012.50 says:

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  86. Siny says:

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  98. Mr X says:

    Fantastic giveaway but only one person will be a winner. Hope that the lucky person will be me.

  99. Azrak says:


    Indeed i urgently need for it to keep my PC alive and running
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    With Best Regards

  100. Cheryl Vanessa says:

    Thank You. Please count me in too..

  101. joao says:

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    The best antivirus software

  102. GuardianX says:

    I have heard much great news about this security suite.

    I have only tested it shortly.

    It worked well; but not long enough to give a hefty thumbs up or down.

    I would love to win one for my older system.

    Thank you for this giveaway.

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    Thanks for the giveaway…

  222. Manas says:

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  261. Sholdi says:

    Until last month i used KIS with License for 1PC. Now has expired and i’m using the Free version of PURE 2.0. The best. Now that this opportunity arrived i hope that i could get one with full access for 3 pc’s…count me in please…Cheers

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