HMA! Pro VPN Giveaway

Encrypt your internet traffic and prevent hackers and eavesdroppers from intercepting your internet traffic (especially useful when connected to insecure networks such as public WiFi hotspots).

Once connected to the VPN service your online identity will be masked behind one of their anonymous IP addresses.

Unlike a web proxy, a VPN will automatically work with all applications on your computer due to tunneling your entire internet connection.

Change your online identity to appear as if you are currently in another country.


The encryption standards it uses are trusted by governments world-wide.

Say goodbye to internet limitations such as blocked websites, blocked ports and traffic shaping.

No technical experience is required to connect to their servers due to easy to provide software; simply enter your username and password and click connect!


Rules: complete the entry methods below to enter:

  • Subscribe to our free mailing list  (remember to click the activation link or the subscription will not be valid)
  • Leave a comment below. Insert a valid email address, will be used to contact the winner(s)

Prize: 1 x HMA! Pro VPN (1-Year)

Giveaway duration: 10 days

Winners selection:



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