Grab “Unofficial Guide to Feedly: Better Than Google Reader” for FREE

Are you looking for a Google Reader replacement? Or do you simply hunger for the best desktop and mobile RSS reader ever made?

For both the hungry and the hopeful, Feedly satisfies. But how did Feedly come to be the best? And what happened to Google Reader?

After the announcement that Google Reader would not exist beyond July 1st 2013, Feedly’s entry into the malnour- ished RSS reader market came as divine manna. For those of you who remember, Google Reader plunged into the RSS world like a double-edged sword. On one edge, Google Reader provided its users with a near-perfect reading experience. On the other side, it obliterated much of its competition, leaving the news aggregator landscape a blasted and desolate graveyard.

Sometimes the death of one thing can give birth to others. Like the phoenix, Google Reader’s death brought about a resurrection in the quality and quantity of other RSS feed readers. Out of the excellent RSS products that entered the market following Google Reader’s death, however, Feedly seized the throne – adding features even Google’s product lacked.


Grab “Unofficial Guide to Feedly: Better Than Google Reader” for FREE

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