Grab Sublime Productivity – Free 140 Page eBook (Normally $19) for FREE

Code Like a Pro with Today’s Premier Text Editor

Remember that time you had to build a whole page of HTML links from a .csv file, and you wound up copying and pasting the opening and closing anchor tags 300 times? Or when you transferred that list of names into an Excel spreadsheet just to sort it alphabetically? Isn’t it a pain to hit Delete three dozen times just because you decided that you want to join the line you’re editing with the line below it?

You already have a powerful ally in the fight against tedium: your text editor. And Sublime Text 2 is a heavyweight—just the partner you want to have in your corner.

But all that power doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know it’s there. If you haven’t taken the time to learn Sublime’s advanced features, you’re wasting time every day.

Sublime Productivity is packed with tips and tricks that turn painful editing chores into trivial tasks. You’ll smile inside every time you fire off a keyboard shortcut instead of groping for the mouse, or use a couple of quick commands to shave off dozens of clumsy keystrokes.


Grab Sublime Productivity – Free 140 Page eBook (Normally $19) for FREE

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