Grab Big Data Trends in 2013 (worth $399) for FREE

Access Your Complimentary Copy Today. This $399 Value Offer Expires 03/31/2013. “Big Data” was one of the hottest technology marketing terms in 2012, resulting in a number of vendors expanding their ability to handle large volumes of data.

As the new year begins, Aberdeen looks back at 261 organizations from a January 2012 study and compares them to the latest January 2013 study of 125 organizations.

Big Data challenges continue to rapidly evolve, so this report will identify the new pressures and strategies implemented by organizations today. Technology solutions will also be examined in depth, identifying the hot areas for investment that Big Data companies can use to drive business value in the next calendar year.

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Grab Big Data Trends in 2013 (worth $399) for FREE

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