[Giveaway] PresentationTube Recorder Pro 3.0

PresentationTube Network offers a free video presentation recorder (for Windows) and online network to help teachers and learners, upload and share quality digital video content in a new and effective way.

The recording application is easy-to-use and allows the teacher to synchronize a variety of visual aids, including his/her audio and video footage, PowerPoint slides, hand-written text, drawings, and web content.

The network integrates many interactive features, such as comments, and slide-thumbnail, allowing learners to interact with the teacher and with each other, and move to the respective video content and control both the time and progress of video presentation to address their specific needs.

Video presentations can be used in various on-campus and off-campus e-learning settings to provide more realistic support to learner, and create engagement.

Video content is accessible via the Internet using any operating system, standard browser, or mobile device.


[Giveaway] PresentationTube Recorder Pro 3.0

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