[Giveaway] CUMeeting Video Conferencing

CUMeeting is the most powerful web conferencing solution for education, training, meeting, webinar, presentation, tech support, etc. Start a web conference at any time and share your screen or files by clicking the share button. It’s easy to make everyone be in the same place from anywhere in the world.

Still need to travel around for business affairs, conference or training? Then, probably, you are out. Why not drop this time sensitive and money consuming way? Here, you can turn to our video conferencing software, which break the time and district barrier that enables an easy, fast and reliable online meeting between you and other parts involved.

As one of the dedicated web based video conferencing solutions, online meeting software delivers a flexible and comprehensive solution for all industries, departments and organizations including companies of all sizes, government (federal, state or local), educational institutions and financial department etc.


[Giveaway] CUMeeting Video Conferencing

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