Get Weather Forecaster Pro for free (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

At any moment, use your iPhone, to obtain information about the weather in your city! And not just in your city, but anywhere around the world! Weather Forecaster PRO application provides you the most expeditious and qualitative meteorological information! Now you can learn the most accurate weather information anywhere on the globe, becoming the owner of a Meteo informer with exclusive properties in your iPhone.

Weather Forecaster PRO offers the most accurate and complete information on all weather categories:
•Air temperature.
•Sunrise and sunset

Working with Weather Forecaster PRO is incredibly easy and convenient:
•You have the search function, with which it is easy to find out the weather forecast of any, even a very small locality.
•For your convenience, you can save the locations you prefer the most in your Favorites.
•You do not need to wait for a long time connection, because the program does not have the hold regime.
•Information is transmitted in a clear and quite extensive form.
The application contains features, by which everyone can competently get informed of the coming changes in the weather conditions.
The Weather Forecaster PRO is perfect like nothing else when a lot depends on the weather.

Get Weather Forecaster Pro for free (iPhone, iPod, iPad) here

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