Get VideoGrade free for a limited time (iPhone, iPod,iPad)

iOS 5 required. Easy to use, fast, flexible and powerful, VideoGrade allows you to modify several different settings to improve your videos or to change dramatically their look. With its flexibility and precision, you have the last word about how your videos will look!

Main Features:
* Process any of your videos recorded with (or synchronized to) your device.
* Export your videos in Full HD, HD or choose one of the other export presets. [The export resolution is limited by the resolution of the original video and your device capabilities].
* Modify easily and precisely any of the eight filters included: saturation, brightness, contrast, recovery, color temperature, tint, B&W and vignette.
* Some of the adjustments can be applied to specific zones of the video image (shadows, mid-tones or highlights).
* Save your favorite adjustments easily and apply them quickly to any of your videos with just a few taps.
* Smart rendering engine that ensures a fast video processing.

Get VideoGrade free for a limited time (iPhone, iPod,iPad) here

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