Get Text Noter for free, limited time offer (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Like many other iCloud apps, there can be sync issues due to iCloud service’s status or your network conditions.

✔ Create, edit, rename (tap the title), and delete notes at your iCloud storage
✔ Sync with iCloud (Offline mode also supported, so you can save notes only at local storage)
✔ Support Lock Screen (4-digit passcode lock!)
✔ Share your notes via E-mail, message, pasteboard (clipboard), and print
✔ Support version conflict resolution (a conflicted note automatically resolves to the newest version)
– You can create, modify, and save notes, even if you are not connected to the internet.
– When you are connected, TextNoter will automatically detect whether there are conflict and resolve it.
– On an airplane, or anywhere you can’t get signal, make notes without worrying about sync!
✔ Support both portrait and landscape modes
✔ Show file info (size, creation date, and modification date)
✔ Support all iOS devices: iPhone (3GS or higher), iPad, and iPod Touch (3rd generation or higher)

Get Text Noter for free, limited time offer (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

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