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When I say jump, you say “I love you”! Reach a new height in jumping games with Sir Lovalot and the Infinite Tower!
Tilt your device to jump around the tower in full 3D and get Sir Lovalot to climb without harm, rising ever further in search of love. Nobody likes a broken hearted knight.
Help Sir Lovalot, awkward knight(tm), reach the top of the infamous Infinite Tower… of Doooooom -Ok, no doom here, but it sounded more dramatic and it is a pretty tall tower-.
Avoid treacherous traps trying to go as high as possible and become a legend in shining armor rescuing as many beautiful maidens as you can. 
Guide the ever-jumping Sir Lovalot in his vertical quest to become the most kissed hero of all times!

Get Sir Lovalot for free (iPhone,iPod,iPad) here

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