Get Rat On A Skateboard free for a limited time (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Ratty is back in his MOST ANTICIPATED adventure to ever hit the iPhone/iDevice! Grab that board and get ready for a kickflippin’ adventure down the Banana Harbor, Stunt Road and 50 other challenging courses.
Includes both randomly generated tracks for endless gameplay, and specific courses to master every detail of. What are you waiting for? Those handrails ain’t just for looking at.


– 3 game modes:
– POWER STUNTS: Perform stunts without tripping on basket balls
– BANANA HARBOUR: Help, it’s raining banana skins!
– CHALLENGES: 50 tracks to master
– Do multiple in-air flipkicks
– Grab power-ups to perform power stunts, such as the one-hand stand
– Donut Games’ famous 3-star ranking system: Increased replay value!
– Global High Scores: Submit your scores online
– Collectors Icon #24
– EXCLUSIVE: Not available on any other platform than iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
– And so much more…

Get Rat On A Skateboard free for a limited time (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

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