Get Profile Assist for BlackBerry for free

Profile Assist is an application that is designed to help you manage your BlackBerry® most common system settings. These settings which are often modified daily or hourly can become a chore to manage. Profile Assist currently allows you to create events based on.

Never have your ringer interrupt you in a meeting, school, church, etc ever again. Save your battery by disabling Wifi, GPS, when its not needed. Save data usage on your cellphone plan by enabling Wifi at specific locations. Change your wallpaper for when your at work and then something more casual when you’re not.

Profile Assist supports the changing of Ringer Profiles automatically when locked or holstered on all devices running OS 7.1 or greater. On devices running OS 7.0 and before, the phone will vibrate and blink to alert you a profile is requesting change, when the phone becomes active Profile Assist can then automatically change to the designated Ringer Profile.

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