Get Penguin Patrol for free, 24h only (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Solve over 75 increasingly challenging levels to rescue the penguins, with new levels on the way. But watch out – the thin ice breaks with each step you take! Can you earn all 3 stars on every level and unlock all the achievements?

Encounter several wildly different penguins, each with a unique personality. You’ll have to catch the elusive Playful Penguin, give the Bratty Penguin his favorite toy, and push the sleepy Fatty Penguin to safety!

Swiftly maneuver across three perilous types of ice using the intuitive slide and hold controls. Made a mistake? Simply UNDO your last step whenever you want.

Enjoy the 2D pixel art style in full Retina Display or in HD on the iPad as you journey from the pleasantly snowy Penguin Village to the mysterious Crystal Caves. Featuring music from Andrea Chang, composer for games like “Super Quickhook”, “Hook Worlds”, “Mage Gauntlet”, “Early Bird”, and “fowlplay”.

Get Penguin Patrol for free, 24h only (iPhone, iPod, iPad) here

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