Get Mass Effect 3 M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle for free

Not everyone will survive. An ancient alien race, known only as “Reapers”, has launched an all-out invasion leaving nothing but a trail of destruction in their wake. Earth has been taken, the galaxy is on the verge of total annihilation, and you are the only one who can stop them. The price of failure is extinction…

Mass Effect 3 is here! Get ahead of the rest by getting this in-game item from Alienware Arena. The M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle is sure to have you wiping out the enemy. This is the only rifle in the game that can fire high powered electrified rounds.

More about the weapon:

Reverse-engineered from the Cerberus Arc Projector, the Indra is a prototype sniper-rifle that fires a path of ionized air, then electrifies targets with a lightning bolt of electricity. By first piercing a target with a high-powered shot, the Indra weakens kinetic shields and maximizes damage to electrical systems.

**Please note this M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle key will only work on the PC version of the game.

Get Mass Effect 3 M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle for free here


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