Get Kingsoft Office Suite Standard for free

Get Kingsoft Office Suite Standard for free. A small, fast and powerful office suite, includes three programs: Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation. Full compatibility with Microsoft Office. Meet your study and daily work requirements for office.

Get Kingsoft Office Suite Standard for free here

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3 Responses to “Get Kingsoft Office Suite Standard for free”

  1. Johann says:

    This link is not for Kingsoft Office Suite Standard its for WINX company …. Fix it Please

    • Eugene says:

      Link was fine. But it’s no longer available. Thanks

      • Ruchir says:

        Link was never fine.It always had WinXDVD wall link.WinXDVD had never anything to do with Kingsoft.It ofcourse has its giveaways for almost 200 days a year at all giveaway sites.But only apps it makes itself namely ripper and sometimes DVD copy.The link could never give any Kingsoft thing.Kingsoft must have its wall.Kingsoft has its own head.Will post its link on its wall if at all on facebook

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