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The Universal Almanac for our iPhone, iPad and iPod! You can read a lots of events which occurred every days and every year. There are an infinite amount of information provided by Wikipedia! Thousands events, births, deaths to consult every day!!! Moreover, events are daily up to date thanks to Wikipedia’s community.

✔ EVENTS: Check out all the historical important facts occurred on a specific day or in a year (sporting events, news, scientific and astronomical);
✔ BIRTHS: Who was born on this day/year?
✔ DEATHS: Who died on this day/year?
✔ HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: Read the Saints of the day, the holidays and anniversaries;
✔ NOBEL PRIZES: Find out important people who have won them over the years;
✔ NAME-DAY: Compare Saints of the day with your contacts and send them the best wishes for a good name-day with a SMS, email…
✔ SUNRISE & SUNSET: Discover the times when the sun rises and sets;
✔ MOON PHASE: Find out the current moon phase and see how it will look in the sky;
✔ PROVERB OF THE DAY: A simple saying which expresses a truth for each day!
✔ SEARCH: Search famous people and get all information about him which Wikipedia provide;
✔ SHARE THE EVENTS: Share them with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, GReader, Instapaper, Read It Later and Delicious;
✔ FAVORITE EVENTS MANAGEMENT: Save, in a special section, the events you want to remember;
✔ INTEGRATION WITH THE CALENDAR: There is a very special event which you want be sure to remember? Save it on the iPhone agenda;

Get iAlmanack+ for free, 48h only (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

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