Get Farstone RestoreIT 2014 for free

Based on FarStone’s patented “Advanced System Restore” technology, RestoreIT is a new, and powerful innovation recovery software designed to restore your entire PC system in 2 minutes for an effortless recovery from any disaster. RestoreIT enables you to instantly recover data, files, system configurations, and Windows operating system by literally taking a snapshot of your system.

Whether you’ve been hit with a virus, attacked by a hacker, had a system crash, or other unforeseen disasters, RestoreIT allows you to go back in time to where your PC was working properly for quick, painless, and accurate data restoration. Even in the event of Windows “Blue Screen of Death”, RestoreIT can save you and your PC instantly!

  • 2 minutes Windows recovery from virus attacks, spyware intrusions, or system crashes!
  • No backup is required. Your data and system is protected immediately after RestoreIT installation. Save you time!
  • Restores even when Windows fails to start!
  • Instant retrieval of deleted or overwritten files!
  • Fastest data and Windows recovery solution on the market


Get Farstone RestoreIT for free here



6 Responses to “Get Farstone RestoreIT 2014 for free”

  1. joa13 says:

    This promo is not for all. This promotion is only for the people, who bought a the Polish computer newspaper ,, Pc Format “.

  2. Eugene says:

    Nice info, thanks for sharing

  3. Rocky says:

    This is for Total Recovery Express not RestoreIt 7. I’m pretty bummed out.

  4. Berlin-Fun*54 says:

    I followed the required process and could not find a download link. Anyway, I got a license key like this (translated from polish by a program):

    “Confirmed Subscrypcja
    The subscription to our list was confirmed. We thank.
    Your activation key to the Farstone Total Recovery Express program, it: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

    Which means nothing but you’ll receive a licence key for *Farstone Total Recovery Express* and NOT for “Farstone RestoreIT”.

    I did not try to download this product from Farstone directly and so I did not check if the given license would work.

  5. joa13 says:

    This is Farstone RestoreIT for PC Format.

    Berlin-Fun *54, there is not download link, because this software is located on the CD that came with polish PC Format newspaper.

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