Get Crosswords HD for free, limited time offer (iPad)

Crosswords HD is for people who believe that playing crossword puzzles is an essential way to be entertained. Therefore, our application is designed specifically to get the most out of each game. You will be able to choose from 400 crosswords, organized with 5 difficulty levels to which each of them contain an average of 78 words, adding to a total of more than 30,000 words (approximately 80,000 letters).

In Crosswords HD you can easily select between the horizontal or the vertical definition of a square, select the desired typography among more than 12 different models of letters, check if a given answer is correct, quickly delete the wrong letters, and even reveal the correct words whenever you need them or undo your last movements. You can also save the game and see how long it took you to solve it.

Get Crosswords HD for free, limited time offer (iPad)

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