Get CameraBag for free, today only (iPad)

To celebrate the launch of CameraBag 2 for Mac and PC, we’re setting all our apps free for one day! CameraBag, Infinicam, CameraBag for iPad, and our puzzle game Shibuya are all available at no cost. Check out for more on the new CameraBag 2 for desktop! “If you buy just one filter app, make it CameraBag.” -New York Times
A love letter to the analog era, CameraBag is the most popular iPhone photo filter app of all time, and has now come to the iPad. It instantly emulates photography’s most beloved and iconic cameras, film, and processing techniques.

CameraBag’s addictive approach skips hours of processing work and instead puts you in the role of an editor, flipping through a collection of polished, print-ready treatments, each with infinite variation. Simply choose the best one and save, e-mail, or upload it to popular sites.

Get CameraBag for free, today only (iPad) here

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