Get Bubble Defense 2 for free, 24h only (Android, Amazon)

Addicted tower defense players beware, Bubble Defense has evolved. With 13 maps and six tower types–two towers are brand spanking new–Bubble Defense 2 is a bigger, more challenging version of its predecessor.
Bubble Defense Plan and implement your tower strategies and prepare for the bubbles’ wrath. Like the previous version, Bubble Defense 2 is a tower defense game that allows you to strategically destroy waves of bubble cretins at various difficulty levels. Bubble Defense 2 employs these new functions sure to challenge and entertain you:

New power towers are required for all other towers to shoot
7 new levels (13 total) guarantee new user experience and challenges
Flying towers provide an effective way to destroy hordes of evil bubbles

Get Bubble Defense 2 for free, 24h only (Android, Amazon)

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