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Bryce is ideal for creating 3D graphics for magazines, ads, or virtually any illustration that would benefit from the powerful 3D impact of realistic perspective and shading. Bryce animation features let you create great animations for video and multimedia easily. Bryce key-event and timeline-based animation lets you create incredibly realistic, fully animated, 3D worlds where rivers rush through gorges, the sun sets over the ocean, or mist evaporates to reveal flocks of birds soaring between mountain peaks.

Bryce is also an invaluable tool for interactive multimedia.

Bryce also includes :
· partial shadows for objects with volume materials
· shadow ambience for lights
· new 3D Grid spatial optimizer
· new terrain grid resolutions: Gigantic (2048), and Planetary (4096)
· support for distributed rendering effects for lights, including soft shadows, blurred reflections, blurred transmissions, depth of field, and true ambience
· support for Total Internal Reflection (TIR)
· enhanced Render dialog
· volume shading mode
· volume materials shading mode
· uniform density shading
· five new mapping modes: Sinusoidal, World Front, World Side, World Cubic, and Object Cubic
· new Sky Integration feature
· distance squared texture noise & phase type
· earth-based starfields and comets
· new import and export filters and plug-ins

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