Get Audio Invaders for free, 48h only (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Bringing a unique audio gameplay experience to the App Store. Listen for the sound of the invisible invaders, steer your ship into their path and unleash some 8 bit fury… Fast paced retro gameplay with an original twist… the invaders are attacking at night and you can’t see them, but you can hear them…

♪ Advanced spatial stereo audio
♪ 3d Parallax City Scape
♪ Retro 8 bit Black and white visuals

♪ Unlock a variety of powerful 8 bit weaponry (including a Flame Thrower!!)
♪ 5 original alien craft
♪ GameCentre World Leaderboard

♪ Score multiplier (resets if you miss… greater accuracy builds greater points)
♪ Animated Nuclear Explosions
♪ 2 control setups – touch screen or accelerometer (tilt)

♪ Chip tune sound track
♪ Increased difficulty with each wave of attack
♪ Free future updates based on ideas submitted by users

Get Audio Invaders for free, 48h only (iPhone, iPod, iPad) here

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