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AppBooster gives you instant power for your apps and games whenever you need it. Instead of manually shutting down running processes, applications and windows services, AppBooster quits all unneeded background processes and services making more RAM and CPU power available for your favorite games and apps. Without being a professional pc user you are able to get the most out of your computer.

Activating and deactivating the program takes a while, which makes toggling between modes cumbersome, but AppBooster is all about boosting PC power for a specific use, so it’s not such an issue. Though the gains it produced on our fairly new, well-maintained testbed machine weren’t huge, they could be significant to mobile users or on an older PC with a lot of software installed.

– Instant Boost
– Instant Reset
– Customizable Booster Mode
– Exclude Rules
– Intelligent Autostart Analyses
– Booster Profiles
– Include Lists
– AutoBoost Shortcuts

Get AppBooster Pro 2.0 for Free here

Enter: “PCWBOOSTER” in Aktions-Code along with your your E-mail address.


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