Free Videos: The Lean Startup Action Video

Got a business that doesn’t seem to grow or spending months developing only to launch with no customers? I know that feeling myself 🙁 Don’t fret too much. Eric Ries has built and failed with many businesses. As the creator of the lean startup he’s built a framework how to validate, market and scale your business to the next level. Yay for him wasting time and money to figure this out for us.

Specifically, Eric lays out the first steps for you to start shaping up your business to really make money and WE’VE GOT IT ALL. But be careful once you start watching it you might not finish because, like me, you will have to get back to work implementing all the good stuff Eric is talking about. If you are tired of your spouse and investors second guessing your actions, stay tuned.

Free Videos: The Lean Startup Action Video (worth $59.99)


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