Do You Run Sweepstakes and Contests?

If you are an website, blog, forum owner and offer sweepstakes or contests to your audience or simply you discovered a nice one and want to share with us, you are invited to add them to Sweepgo.

What is SweepGo?

It’s a new growing fast competition aggregator, where you can find all the best sweepstakes and contests available in the US, Canada and International.

What’s your benefits?

  • Get more traffic
  • Get subscribers / leads
  • Get noticed
  • Get discovered
  • All the posts will also go to Facebook,  Google+, Twitter and Pinterest for additional traffic.
  • It’s FREE !


Note: all posts are moderated manually to ensure the best user experience and to avoid possible issues.

The service is FREE and you are not required to purchase anything, just go there, click on submit your sweepstakes, fill the form, and you are on the go. is here

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