CactusVPN – P2P/BitTorrent PPTP VPN Packages Giveaway

CactusVPN offers premium VPN services on their servers located in United States, United Kingdom and Netherlands. Moreover, they allow Torrents and P2P connections on Netherlands server. You get Unlimited and unmetered bandwidth. Plus there is no logging, except for the connection logs for troubleshooting. Their product is available to use on Windows OS (32/64 bit), Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux, and FreeBSD. The backbone of the product is a VPN -Virtual Private Network. VPN provides a logical connection to high-speed Cactus servers in US, UK and NL over your ISP’s internet connection. Thereby, you obtain an European or American IP address on your computer, without physically being there. Moreover, all of your Internet traffic is encrypted (data is encrypted to 128 Bits) and tunneled to CactusVPN servers. Hence you can now easily bypass your ISP / country / geographical restrictions.

CactusVPN – P2P/BitTorrent PPTP VPN Packages Giveaway

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