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Protecting your music, pictures, documents, and other files in your PC against online security threats is not easy. Every day, new versions of Trojans, worms, and viruses are found on the internet. These could destroy important files within
minutes. Worse, it could even damage your computer. Fortunately, an all-in-one internet security protection software like Kaspersky offers users digital security.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is a fully-featured consumer security suite. Compared to the company’s standard Anti-Virus 2012 suite, KIS 2012 additionally features a two-way firewall (inbound and outbound protection) and parental controls. I consider the latter essential to any suite more expensive than basic anti-virus. The 2012 edition of the suite features a new, ultra-modern user interface (UI) and other new security capabilities.

Installation of the files needed to run Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 was very quick indeed. At the beginning of the installation process the program looked for any conflicting security programs that were already on my. After this, it was a simple case of activating the product and then it was up and running.

Once the program was up and running it started to download the latest updates. Updating the product post-install took longer than expected. It downloaded over 80MB of updates and took some time to finish.

The interface is completely in this version and those who are accustomed with the old interface might face a few problems to get things going on this one. The interface is nice and simple to understand with all the common items you will need easily accessible. It retains Kaspersky’s traditional aqua color yet is much more streamlined. One glance is enough to figure out whether the computer is protected and if any particular component needs attention. License information is prominently displayed, so there’s no more looking for receipts to figure out how much time you have left.

Personally I know many who din¡¦t like this interface and complained about it but actually once you get accustomed to it I think this is much better and much more user friendly.

Just like other high-rated software of its type, Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 takes protection seriously by upgrading its anti-malware capabilities. Even if the computer is infected with these threats, installing this software to assist in removing them is still possible.

Parental control feature is one of the vital part in Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. It allows parents to use settings that would control the websites and applications their kids can access. Messaging services is also restricted so that only known and approved individuals can contact your kids. Aside from limiting the time of internet usage, parents can also view reports for the setting they have specified for their children.

Kaspersky is ranked among the top in the industry because of 24/7 stand-by cloud protection. Awareness to new threats is possible by linking users from around the globe with Kaspersky Security Network. In case your PC gets infected from these latest threats, you can send its information directly to their laboratory for analysis. This way, the analyst team can figure out solutions to the problem in the earliest possible time. This feature works similarly to McAfee Internet Security

Here is a quick list of the more important features that the program has to offer:

  • antivirus protection (files, mail, instant messaging and web)
  • spam protection
  • firewall
  • applications control
  • network defense
  • network monitoring
  • ad blocking
  • quick response to new threats via the cloud protection
  • parental controls
  • gaming profile
  • virtual keyboard which is a defense against keyloggers

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 really looks impressive and I feel it is certainlty worth the money. This internet security program installs quickly and does it’s job well. The program is packed with features and will, I’m sure, serve you well for the year ahead.

The system requirements are not too high by today’s standards. The interface is clear of clutter whilst making it easy to find what you need. For the most part, the default settings will serve you well and so this is a program I could definitely
recommend to those looking for a robust security solution that can pretty well be set up and then left to get on with the job. Non-computer experts should have no problems getting Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 up and running on their
computers and keeping it safe and secure.

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