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Your personal password and form filling manager. Make browsing, website and application login fast and secure. Protect your passwords, personal notes and bookmarks on your computer and on the road.

sticky password

The application offers several encryption algorithms to encrypt the database, among which the military-grade AES; it can also automatically fill in log-in credentials as well as online forms.

For convenience’s sake, the application can also be launched in portable form, so you can use it on any computer straight from a removable device. Even more, it works with all popular web browsers and even some of the less known ones, via a custom extension called “caption button.”

There is also a search function that scours the entire database to return a result for the query. Furthermore, to make the entire operation really fast, results are shown as you type. Despite the fact that the operation also takes into consideration the links of the accounts, the entire operation is very fast; depending on your entries, you may often find what you’ve been looking for just by typing the first two or three letters of the query.

Unlike other software of the same feather, when adding an account of any sort, Sticky Password offers the options allow automatic log-in to that account, measurement of the password strength, as well as the possibility to set the countersign to expire at a specific date (and when the day is due, the application will issue a notification).

Moreover, you can choose the account to be launched by the default web browser or any that is supported by the application; and the choices include all major browsers (Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer) plus Flock and SeaMonkey.
This integrates in the browser and offers access to all entries in the database and the tools available in the application: virtual keyboard, password generator and the history of the countersigns it created.

  • Sticky Password recognizes your password-protected sites and logs you in automatically.
  • One-click form filling! Sticky Password fills in tedious online forms quickly and accurately.
  • Sticky Password integrates with your browser and applications so your passwords and data are always ready when you need them.
  • No more lost or forgotten passwords, Sticky Password gets them right the first time and even logs you in automatically.
  • The Installation Wizard imports your passwords automatically from browsers and other password manager programs on your computer.
  • Take advantage of the automatic update feature to ensure that you always have the latest build or version of Sticky Password.
  • And much… much more!

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