Ad-Aware Total Security Giveaway

A power-packed combination of our pioneer anti-spyware technology together with traditional anti-virus to provide comprehensive malware protection, including protection against virus, spyware, blended malware, trojans, rootkits, hijackers, keyloggers, and much more.

Main features:

Multi-layered detection technology

Stay safe from ever-evolving malware with advanced detection techniques – including Genocode technology, behavior-based heuristics detection, and cloud security – to find and block unknown and newly emerging threats.

Ad-Watch Live! Expert

Immediately detect malware applications with expert real-time protection, including behavior-based heuristics scanning. Stop threats in real-time by blocking connections to blacklisted IP addresses, malicious processes, registry changes, and malicious files.


Rootkit Removal System

Uncover and remove even the most complex monitoring tools, stealth mechanisms and hidden code with Ad-Aware’s expert level rootkit technology.

Personal firewall

Shield your PC from hackers, unauthorized access, and hijackings with an easy-to-use, two-way firewall.

Anti-Spam & Webmail protection

Keep your inbox free from junk mail and use filtering options to automatically block mail from unwanted senders. Detect and remove potentially malicious content from messages coming from webmail accounts, POP3 and IMAP.

Web surfing and anti-phishing protection

Ad-Aware’s Web filter automatically blocks suspicious websites and phishing attempts to protect against online scams and fraud as you shop, bank, and pay bills and provides extra protection for safe surfing, especially on social site like Facebook.

System tuning

Improve system speed and easily maintain PC performance with scheduled registry optimization, defragmentation and file tuning.

Parental control

Guide your children to use the Internet safely by blocking access to known dangers, allowing websites with selected content, monitoring Web use, and setting limits for time spent online.

Online backup

Protect your photos, music, documents, movies, e-mail and other irreplaceable files with this easy-to-use, automated backup solution that includes 1 GB of free online storage per user, as well as password protection for added security.

Data recovery

Restore deleted files of every file type (.exe, .txt, .doc, etc.) with Ad-Aware’s file backup system.

“…Features an excellent package of security tools with which you can efficiently protect your PC from spyware, malware and other undesirable elements.”
– Elena Santos, Softonic

“Provides solid and reliable protection with great flexibility available to the user…combining leading detection technologies from the anti-spyware and traditional anti-virus worlds.”
– Virus Bulletin


Rules: complete the entry methods below to enter:

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Prize: 1 x AdAware Total Security (3 PCs – 1 year protection)

Giveaway duration: 10 days

Winners selection:



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    Another one ..tnx!

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    nice giveaway for anti virus, I like it.

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    thank you

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    This looks good.

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  12. baska says:

    great giveaway


    when announced previous giveaways winners?

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  18. Mostrillo says:

    Interesting software! Thank you.

  19. Tom Hyster says:

    Thank you

  20. Jeanbelga says:

    Good soft (just install the free version) …it don’t use cpu like avira or avast.

  21. AstroSkipper says:

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  40. davhag says:

    Hey looks like a great software. I have not used AD-Aware since I used the free version years ago. Now to have a whole security system in one sounds like a fantastic giveaway. I have see a few giveaways lately on some different sites, but this seems like a great one for me or someone. Good luck to all, and whoever wins, please come back and update us on how the software runs, CPU usage, Memory, and if it stops the bad stuff. If I win, I will too if you want.

  41. borek says:

    Wow, It would be nice to win

  42. sezamek says:

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  55. kusa says:

    Thanks for functional security soft.Please count me in.

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    Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway. I hope I win.:-)

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    I Love AdAware Total Security!

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  66. bobyshka says:

    Tnx For Promotions ! I need Licence please ! Very good program ….

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    Excelent Program, Thanks

  81. Grateful says:

    Thanks for the giveaway of Adware Total Security, an excellent program that I would love to run on my machine!! Plea consider me in your random drawing!

    Always Grateful

  82. emely says:

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  83. rohit says:

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