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67% Discount Coupon on UTILILAB SystemOptimizer: UTILILAB SystemOptimizer is a great product that helps clean your PC and tweaks its performance to the max. Here are just some of its wonderful features that help it earn its fame. From the creators of the famous WinRAR!


Smart PC care is a tool that will help check your PC for all different kinds of issues with the single click of the mouse. This method will speed up system cleaning, so one will not have to configure many settings just for one PC scan. The only one setting that the user has to configure is the choice between a Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and a Custom Scan.

SystemOptimizer is equipped with a great registry cleaner that cleans the Windows Registry from all junk registry keys left by uninstalled or removed software, junk cache keys, and unused registry keys. Cleaning the registry will help repair Windows registry issues and prevent unwanted application crashes. It will also make your PC faster.

Another great tool is the Registry Optimizer. It compacts the registry for smooth PC performance and more free space. It will optimizer and reduce the size of the registry safely so that all your important registry keys are there, and yet your PC’s performance is increased at the same time. It is very important to take good care of your PC’s registry for optimal performance.

System Cleaner is a tool that will clean unwanted files from your PC. Just like the registry cleaner, system cleaner will clean all unwanted clutter on your PC that reduces performance and takes up valuable disk space. This cleaner is safe, so your PC’s important files will stay intact. It will save system resources for optimum utilization and performance.




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Disk Optimizer is a professional disk defragmenter in SystemOptimizer that will help rearrange files on your disk in a logical way so that more disk space is freed and system performance is increased. While there are many disk defragmenters available, this one is special.

Disk Doctor (Disk Tools) is available if you think your PC’s hard drive has problems. It will check every part on your disk for errors. It will also help fix these errors safely, so problems are fixed and yet nothing else is damaged. It will take good care of your disk so that your disk comes in like new.

Disk Explorer is a new great tool that helps one view disk usage statistics from each file so that one knows if a particular file is taking up a lot of space on the PC. One can also check and manage disk statistics. This is important if a certain junk file is taking too much space and you don’t know the cause of disk space loss.

Game Optimizer is a great tool that provides the user a virtual desktop for the purpose of gaming. This virtual desktop provides an undisturbed environment and facility to remap keys for the optimized gaming experience. In this gaming environment, no Windows pop-ups or bubbles will appear, and no process will slow the gaming experience down. You can switch easily between the real desktop and the gaming desktop.

Memory Optimizer is a great tool to optimize your PC’s memory. It frees unused allocated memory so it can be used for a better purpose. It has the functionality to optimize your PC’s memory automatically so that your PC’s memory is used the right way.

SystemOptimizer’s Driver Updater will update outdated drivers on your PC, just like its name suggests. It will scan your PC for outdated drivers, and request to update them to the correct version. Updated drivers are very important for they will integrate into your PC better and thus improve performance. It can help update drivers automatically when needed.

Privacy Protector is a useful utility that removes all traces of your activity on your PC, including internet browsing history, recent documents (activity), and some others. When malware gets on your PC to track you down, this tool will help clear your activity so the malware will have nothing to find. Bad people cannot see what you do.

Secure Delete is a tool that helps irreversibly delete files and folders on your PC. If you have important documents that cannot be shown to the public, delete it securely with this tool so that the public can’t see it. Window’s Recycle Bin’s permanent deletion doesn’t actually delete files, and the deleted files can still be recovered with 3rd party software. This tool fixes that problem and makes the file impossible to recover (for privacy purposes).


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Secure Encryptor is a tool that helps encrypt files on your system. When you encrypt files, malware or bad people that sneak onto your PC cannot view the file. When they try do decrypt it, they will fail, because they do not know the password. This tool will also help make your PC usage private by encrypting special documents that have to be concealed.

Undelete is a data recovery tool to recover accidentally deleted or lost data. If there are pictures that are accidentally deleted and you want them back, use this tool to scan for lost data and recover them to a usable state. This way, accidentally deleted files will be recovered with ease.

Backup Manager is a great tool that helps backup your files in case they are accidentally lost or deleted, so that there will be at least one extra copy of the file if you delete the original. This will save time, so you don’t need data recovery software anymore.

System Files Backup and Restore is just a backup utility specially designed for your system, so you can backup and restore special system files that are vital for your PC. If you lose these system files, your PC can become unusable. Saving a secondary copy of your system files is therefore a smart choice to help your PC.

PC Fixer is a tool that searches your PC and fixes common Windows issues that can be very annoying and reduce lots of PC performance. It is also safe for your PC so that it won’t harm. It scans for a variety of problems, including control panel problems, desktop problems, Windows Explorer problems, Internet Explorer problems, task bar problems, Windows Media Player problems, and Windows system problems. With this tool, your PC will be issue-free and good as new!

System and Security Advisor is a tool that checks your PC’s system settings, and tunes them for better performance. It will also change some settings for optimal security. It gives tips for a fully optimized system, for both performance and security. It changes settings such as display items, system items, security, windows services, network settings, internet explorer settings, system security, file associations, firewall settings, and antivirus status. You can also manually change settings to help tune up your computer.

Duplicate Files Remover, as its name suggests searches and removes duplicate files on your system. Duplicate files take up valuable disk space on your PC, and are useless. This tool is safe, so some system files are left alone. Removing duplicate files will boost the speed of disk reading, which improves performance.

Startup Manager is a utility that helps you to look at and enable/disable startup applications on your PC. Some startup applications are not really required, and can use up resources on your PC’s startup. It will thus slow down your PC’s boot time and degrade your PC’s overall performance. This tool is very efficient. Managing startup applications is an important process to boosting your PC’s performance.

Uninstall Manager is just an uninstaller. This tool lets you manage programs currently installed on your system, and lets you uninstall useless programs that are rarely used. You can also uninstall large programs that take up valuable disk space to boost your PC’s performance.

The Scheduler is an efficient tool that schedules certain tasks on your system, like automatic PC Care, driver updates, automatic disk defrag, automatic registry cleans, etc. This one tool is enough to take care of all automatic tasks throughout the whole application, and is easy to use.

UTILILAB SystemOptimizer is a great system tune-up tool that boosts your system’s performance using a variety of tools. This product is very good and easy to use. Enjoy top notch system performance with UTILILAB SystemOptimizer!

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