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HDR projects photo – State-of-the-art in all things HDR

Photo-Software 100 % made in Germany: trustfull Quality by german publishing house Franzis, founded 1972 in munich,

HDR projects photo offers you new possibilities to influence the HDR process directly. You can choose between seven HDR algorithms and during HDR creation you can determine parameters such as smoothing, denoising, halo adjustment and many more.

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All HDR projects photo Highlights!

• Browser for automatic exposure bracketing identification

• Automatic creation of exposure bracketings for single images

• High-precision alignment of moving pictures

• Automatic ghosting correction

• HDR in real-time

• No additional software needed: Photos are developed with the

incorporated RAW converter

• 29 presets for fast and fascinating results

• Extensive fine-tuning with 33 creative filters

• Colour space management for colour correct and high-quality printouts and fine arts

• First-class colour noise suppression while maintaining full sharpness

System Requirements:
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, 32/64-bit,Mac OS X from 10.7, 32/64-bit

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