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Sticky Password 7 is the latest, most advanced, portable, cross platform version of the powerful yet simple password manager and form-filler. Its main goal for more than 10 years now has been saving time of the users while managing their passwords for websites and applications as well as making their sensitive personal data more secure.

Passwords are about trust and the cloud based solutions especially.  That is why Sticky Password has been built by security industry experts that developed and maintained security in check for hundreds of millions global users by creating one of the largest and most popular Antivirus solutions. Sticky Password brings some revolutionary ideas,  along with unquestionable security for all user’s sensitive data – which can be now synchronized simply, quickly yet securely through the cloud to any device of user’s choosing.


New in version 7

Multiple platform support – Windows, Android, iOS.
Seamless and secure cloud synchronization and backup ensures data is always available to the user on any device while leaving the user the choice to store the data in the cloud.
Android and iOS apps come with an individually designed user interface for both phones and tablets.
Unique Floating Sticky Window for Android hovers over fields on any phone or tablet enabling login into apps and websites quickly and securely.
User Account online portal helping to manage devices, data backup, monitor licenses, and other
useful features.
Improved user interface in Windows application.

Feature overview in detail

Sticky Password helps the user during the entire password lifecycle

  • Import – logins and passwords can be imported easily from the popular browsers as well as major competitive products.
  • Automatic login to websites and applications – just one click and a favorite website is opened, credentials are filled in and the user is logged in. And it works with applications too!
  • New websites are recognized – if the user logs in a new web account Sticky Password automatically prompts to store a new record. No need to create records manually.
  • Password generation – build-in password generator creates unpredictable passwords with one click directly in the registration form so new credentials are stored right after the new account is created.
  • Security dashboard – weak passwords are displayed in one place so the user always knows where to increase password security.

Sticky Password saves user ́s time by completing registration forms and shopping carts automatically

  • Automated form-filling profile creation – after user fills any registration form for the first time he/she is prompted to store a profile (Identity) for repeated usage. Right away from the browser. Additional information can be added or modified in the Identity anytime
  • Automated form-filling – anytime the user registers or shops online his/her Identity can be reused to fill the form automatically.

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Sticky Password stores also any other personal data

  • Sticky Password is so much more than password manager and form filler. The amount of data that you decide to protect is nearly limitless. Any notes or personal information can be stored,  encrypted, safely synchronized with Secure Memos and then accessed on any device.
  • Bookmarks from favorite browsers are also stored and managed in one place.

Perhaps 100 bookmarks on a PC does not seem too much – but why look for them anywhere else when you can access these in Sticky Password and have the same bookmarks anywhere – no matter your favorite browser, no matter the device.

Synchronization across all devices

All the data are always encrypted locally and stored on the user ́s devices! Optionally the data can be synchronized using cloud synchronization and backup service. This way the actual data is always available to the user on any device without any additional effort. Personalized web portal (StickyPortal) for device, license, synchr
onization, and backup management is available to registered users at www.stickypassword.com/login

Portable USB version:

Every paid version of Sticky Password provides additional portability to its users. Just plug it in any computer – no installation needed, no traces left on the computer after the USB is unplugged.


The user data is protected by the Master Password.
The Master Password is used to generate an encryption key, which is unique and necessary to encrypt and decrypt the user data in the Sticky Password applications on various platforms and devices.

The encryption and decryption process is performed locally in the application only, never on the server side. The Master Password is not stored anywhere, either locally or in the cloud, nor is it transmitted over the Internet under any circumstances. No-one, including Sticky Password staff, is able to access protected data without the Master Password which is known only to the user.

The industry standard symmetric AES-265 encryption algorithm is used for encryption/decryption of
user’s data.
For extra security additional credentials StickyID ( e-mail address) and StickyPass are required for
authenticated access to synchronization services and are also used to log into the StickyPortal.

Minimum system requirements:
Windows XP and higher
Android 2.1 or higher
iOS 6.0 or higher. Sticky Password is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5,iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and iPad

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