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True Image for PC works with both local and cloud backup. It saves your entire system, single files, and can bring you back in time. Anytime.

Choose where, when, and how to back up. Use external drives, cloud backup, or any NAS devices. Set your own backup schedule to save changes constantly as you work. Restore in a snap, or even move your entire system to and from any PC.

It doesn’t matter which PC you use, or how you use it.


Key Features:

Full System Image Backup

Backup your entire system image – that is all your apps, files, user accounts, exact configurations, and even the OS in one compressed file.

Universal Restore

Move your system from any PC to any PC – no matter what make or model you use.

Easy recovery

Get back to where you were at any given moment – restore your PC in a snap, with no need to reinstall your OS manually, or use any additional tools.

Cloud backup

Save your entire system to a secure online location, and access it anytime, anywhere. Choose your own cloud storage plan – from 250GB to 1TB.

Flexible file recovery

Choose the files or folders you want to restore and get them back straight away, without having to restore your entire system.

Full system restore from the cloud

Back up your entire disk image to the cloud – and then restore it in a snap whenever you need it.

Advanced backups

Capture only changes made after an initial image backup, and save time and storage space.

Personal Key Encryption

Be confident that your files and system image are protected automatically and encrypted for privacy.

Retention schemes

Keep history of up to 20 last system states to roll back to different points in time whenever you need.

Optimized for Windows 10 and recent Mac OS X versions. Certified for Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.

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