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Zoom Commander, a Windows PC application that easily manages, controls, schedules & presents media (Audio, Video, Image) and interactive (Web, Flash) content on multiple remote Windows PCs, over the Internet or a local network.

Zoom Commander is the central controller, manager and coordinator of multiple instances (copies) of Zoom Presenter running on remote, network accessible computers.

Zoom Presenter displays media and interactive content across one or multiple display devices in fullscreen, split-‘screen zone’ or picture-in-picture layouts.

In a ‘Multiple Screens’ configuration, multiple Zoom Presenter instances are used on one or more PCs, with custom media content playing on each connected display device or screen zone.

Using Zoom Commander’s integrated schedule editor, media and web content is scheduled for presentation on a remote screen at a specified time & date with optional priority and function.

To manage an unlimited number of display devices and screen zones, Zoom Commander provides a TAG system used to quickly search and control multiple screen.


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